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How do I submit my project?

As you develop your project, remember to go back to Showcase to edit your description and add download links. We strongly recommend that everyone upload a 2-minute demo video, too!
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Do I need to have a team?

Nope! Everyone will be in our Discord chat, and we'll have everyone pitch at the start, so you'll be able to find a team suited to your interests. Or you can work by yourself!
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What can I make at Virtual CodeDay?

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What are the age requirements for Virtual CodeDay?

Most students are between 15-25, but you can participate as long as you are 13 or older.
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Can I participate if I don't know how to code?

Yes! In fact, many people who participate in CodeDay don't know how to code. You can attend our beginner-focused “learn to make a game” workshops, or join a team and help in another way.
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Can I work by myself?

Yes, you can work by yourself at Virtual CodeDay. But we encourage you to be open to teammates too!
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Who has the rights to projects created at Virtual CodeDay?

Any work done at a Virtual CodeDay remains the property of the students.
To submit a project for judging (which is done by creating a project in Showcase), students grant CodeDay the right to display their work to the public.
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How do I find a team if I don't have one already?

Virtual CodeDay takes place on Discord, so the first step is to join us there, and link your CodeDay account (follow the instructions in #link-account).
In Discord, you'll see a channel called #team-building -- this is the best place to find someone to work with, but to have the best chances, do both of these things:
  1. First, make a post that describes you. Mhat sort of apps or games are you interested in making? Do you already have any ideas? What are the ways you want to contribute to a team? (Coding? Art? Music? Writing?) The more information you include in your post, the better your chances are!
  2. Second, look through previous posts, and message anyone you might want to work with. This is super important, because if no one messages each other, no one will ever find a team!
Finally, remember that you don't need to find a team to participate in Virtual CodeDay, you're welcome to work on your own!
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How do I form a team?

To form a team at Virtual CodeDay:

Team creation is not open until the event starts.
  1. Visit and sign-in with your CodeDay account.
  2. Click "new project" in the nav bar.
  3. Submit the required information: which event you're submitting to, what you want to call your team, what you're making (app, game, etc), and a description (if you have one).
You can always edit your project information by going back to Showcase and clicking "My Projects".

To add members to your team:

  1. Make sure you're logged in, and visit your project's page from "My Projects"
  2. Ask for your team member's CodeDay Account Username. They can find this at
  3. Type their username into the "members" section and click "Add"
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How big can a team be?

Virtual CodeDay teams should be between 1-6 people if you want to win "Best in Show" or "Best in Class".
Otherwise you can make your teams any size you want, but be aware that it's the judges may only consider you for special judging prizes.
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Can I work on a team with a friend in another state?

Yes! At Virtual CodeDay, there are no requirements on who you can and can't work with. Just be sure to keep in mind time zones!
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