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Meet our team:

Tyler Menezes
Executive Director and Board Member, he/him
When I was 10 I learned to code because I saw a cool book in a library. Ten years later I'd published papers at Microsoft Research and raised a million dollars for a tech startup from the best investors in SV, but it took a lot of luck and privilege to get there. With CodeDay, I'm making sure everyone gets a chance to discover how creative and empowering learning to code can be.
Samantha C
Associate Operations Manager, they/them
I believe computer science can change lives, in part or completely. I've been working with CodeDay since 2016 in several roles, but now I manage operations of logistics, programs, and more!
Lola Egherman
Program Manager, she/her
It's my job to help people run our events across the world! I do everything I can to automate the boring parts out of running events, so we all get to focus on the fun stuff.
Charlie Liu
Program Engagement Manager, he/him
Charlie is a sophomore at Yale studying CS and EP&E. He is a former CodeDay Atlanta attendee and volunteer since 2017, and he also helped organize CS Fair events. He now focuses on improving the CodeDay experience for students and volunteers.
Andrew Schmitz
Program Manager, he/him
Andrew loves teaching others about computer science and works on CodeCup and Open Source education.
Alper Gel
Education Content Manager, Labs, he/him
Alper is a curious student with a broad range of interests ranging from CS/Tech to Medicine and biomedical engineering. He has been working to organize workshops and talks taught by experienced industry professionals in the tech and CS industries.
Alex Parra
Program Manager, he/him
I love being involved in spreading computer science awareness, education and equity through programs such as CodeDay. I am now studying Computer Science and Chicano Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.
Nikhil Garg
Intern in Software Engineering, he/him
I'm a high school student who loves learning and experiencing new things. My first time helping out with CodeDay was at the February 2020 CodeDay Seattle, where I helped run the event. I really started getting involved in March when I started helping program the Discord bot for Virtual CodeDay. Now I'm helping out with software projects that make everything work.
Deven Jadhav
Program Manager, India, he/him
I first learnt to code when I was 12, and it had a profound impact on my life. At CodeDay, I lead the India program to help bring this experience to thousands of students across the country and get them excited about the possibilities of computer science.
Tejas Agarwal
Operations and Engineering, India, he/him
I'm a high schooler from India who loves to code and play guitar! I manage Operations and Engineering for the India program
Julie Cover
Software Engineer (Contract), Special Projects, she/her
Julie is a student at UCLA studying Computer Science and Engineering. She was a volunteer for CodeDay San Diego for many years, and now contracts on special engineering projects.

Independent members of the board:

TJ Horner
Board Member, they/them
TJ is a member of the CodeDay board.
Anthony Toreson
Board Member, he/him
Software engineer, problem solver, and tech leader with a diverse background of experience.
Fisher Adelakin
Board Member, they/them
Non-binary Nigerian doing the best they can. Software engineer @ Modern Treasury. Board @ CodeDay.
Adele Miller
Board Member, she/her
Adele is a member of the CodeDay board.


Ryan Aylmer
Code Evangelist
Maddie Willett
US East Marketing Lead
Joshua W
CodeCup Lead
melody ✨
Internet Witch
David Petre
US Midwest Marketing Lead / Chicago RM
Mingjie Jiang
Program Manager
Sam Poder
Singapore Regional Manager
Attendee Onboading Manager
Erika Lamothe
Marketing Manager
Region Coordinator
Bryce T
Urim S
James Gan
Merry S
Alexander Y
Joshua Hu
Jack Merrill
James Smith
Nick Qiu
Forrest L
Dominic Dao
Smilte V
Thein Oo
Dustin L
Jeff C
Benji Kauth
Vincent La
Daniel DeAnda
Victoria C
Ryan Wang
Xiangbo Qi
Surya Sundararajan
Tea W
JP Kerrane
Charles Moonen
Tyler Sikov
Lavanya S
Benjamin Smith
Jacob Cunningham
Hayley Norman
Anirudh A
Adam Ryman
May F
Elizabeth Qiu
Brian Xiang
Chaleb P
Polo Delos Santos
Bradley Harker
Cora Lewis
Thummim Suh
Rahul G
Tara H
Liam G
Evan Nishi
Kaiwen S
Tom Paulus
Lynn O
Smilte V
Wilson Hobbs
Gilbert S
Nikolas Huebecker
... plus hundreds of day-of volunteers.