New: Summer is ending, but Virtual CodeDay is coming back this December! Join us and find out about more opportunities for schools, companies, and individuals.


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This event was not only fun, engaging, and educational, it provided participants access professional mentors and, additional internship opportunities. It is because of the combined efforts, passion, patience, and understanding of the volunteers and staff that made this day a big success.

Darius Murray Ed. S, M. Ed, CRC

Big Data Challenge Southern Florida Teacher

iRISE2 Mentoring Program Coordinator at Florida Atlantic University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

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Upcoming Workshops & Events


November 28 @ 18:00 Pacific

Talk: Cyrus Irani, Human Design Director at Apple (Partner Event with TKS)

Virtual CodeDay

December 5 @ 0:00 Pacific

Livestream: Kickoff!

Virtual CodeDay

December 5 @ 0:30 Pacific

Workshop: How to Ask Good Questions and Debug Your Code

Virtual CodeDay

December 5 @ 1:00 Pacific

Workshop: Make Your First Game Live in 30 Minutes Using Construct 3

Virtual CodeDay

December 5 @ 1:30 Pacific

Workshop: Making Your Website POP! With JavaScript Animations

Virtual CodeDay

December 5 @ 3:00 Pacific

Workshop: Python 101

Virtual CodeDay

December 5 @ 18:00 Pacific

Speaker: Meet Tori Baker, a Software Engineer at Google Stadia

Virtual CodeDay

December 5 @ 19:00 Pacific

Workshop: Breaking into the World of Machine Learning with Aditi Singhal

Virtual CodeDay

December 5 @ 21:00 Pacific

Event: Big Data Challenge

Virtual CodeDay

December 5 @ 22:00 Pacific

Workshop: High School/Undergrads - Preparing Yourself to Land Your Internship/Job

Virtual CodeDay

December 6 @ 1:00 Pacific

Event: CodeCup

Virtual CodeDay

December 6 @ 4:00 Pacific

Gaming Tournament: Minecraft Spleef

Virtual CodeDay

December 6 @ 17:00 Pacific

Workshop: Creating Your Future With 3D Printing

Virtual CodeDay

December 6 @ 18:00 Pacific

Workshop: Data Science & Real World Applications

Virtual CodeDay

December 6 @ 19:30 Pacific

Deadline: Presentations due

Virtual CodeDay

December 6 @ 22:30 Pacific

Livestream: Presentations


December 10 @ 18:00 Pacific

HPCC/LexisNexis Risk Internship Info Session

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