Volunteer for Virtual CodeDay

The most beginner-friendly coding event on the internet.

You can help students build amazing projects! We need mentors who are comfortable with online chat platforms (like Discord), and workshop hosts. We also need project judges on the last day of the program.

For corporate volunteering please email us at volunteer@codeday.org.

Hear why Susan, Senior Software Developer at State Farm, volunteers:

What do you do for a living?

If you're retired, choose what best desribes how you spent your career. Please do not choose "full-time" if you are a student.

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Virtual CodeDay is a weekend tech event that gets diverse students to start coding around the world. 70% of attendees with no prior experience continue programming after participating.

We're looking for judges, mentors, and speakers to help students have a great and successful weekend.

If you're interested, register at virtual.codeday.org/volunteer

Low Commitment: Judging

CodeDay judges review submissions (a 2min video + information about the team members), pick their favorites, and then deliberate with other judges to determine overall winners.

Time: Sunday of the event, 2hr starting at 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern.
Requirements: None
Training: Attend an optional training webinar, or we'll give you a guide before judging starts.

Low Commitment: Workshop Host

Students at CodeDay are excited to learn the many ways technology is applied in the industry. CodeDay is looking for workshops for both beginner- and intermediate-level students.

Time: Saturday of the event; flexible 30min-1hr slots throughout the day.
Requirements: Experience in tech, design, or project management.
Training: Speaker guide covering the audience and technical details, suggested workshops are available if you don't have an idea already.

Medium Commitment: Mentoring

Mentors help students create apps and games! As a mentor, you will be responsible to check in and guide 3-5 teams of students throughout the weekend by scheduling daily short meetings. Mentors can also help all students by hosting office hours or answering chat questions. Students will need help with higher-level problems - more "how should I approach this problem" and less of "how do I use this particular technology."

Time: About 1 hour per day of the event (3-4 hours in total)
Requirements: Experience in tech, design, or product management.
Training: All mentors will attend a 30-minute webinar sometime in the week before Virtual CodeDay.

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