Volunteer for Community

Our online community connects student communities, locally and globally.

We're looking for people who can provide resume feedback or host practice interviews with a few students each month.

For corporate volunteering please email us at volunteer@codeday.org.

Hear why Susan, Senior Software Developer at State Farm, volunteers:

What do you do for a living?

If you're retired, choose what best desribes how you spent your career. Please do not choose "full-time" if you are a student.

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CodeDay is a non-profit providing welcoming and diverse opportunities for under-served students to explore a future in tech. It has a community of more than 50,000 students, and many need help preparing for their first interview/job search.

We're looking for career advisor mentors to provide online resume and interview help. Developers, HR, or anyone else involved in dev interview loops are requested to sign up.

Sign up at https://www.codeday.org/f/career-advisor

Review Resumes (lowest commitment)

Sign up to receive a limited number of student resumes by email each month, and reply with your feedback whenever your time allows.

Host Practice Interviews

Sign up to host a small number of practice interviews (technical and/or behavioral). The minimum commitment is only one per month, and can be scheduled around your calendar.

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