Volunteer for CodeDay

CodeDay gets beginners excited about coding with simultaneous weekend events in cities around the world.

We're looking for pre-event volunteers to help with organization, as well as day-of volunteers, mentors, speakers, and judges.

For corporate volunteering please email us at volunteer@codeday.org.

Hear why Susan, Senior Software Developer at State Farm, volunteers:

What do you do for a living?

If you're retired, choose what best desribes how you spent your career. Please do not choose "full-time" if you are a student.

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CodeDay is a 24-hour tech event that gets diverse students to start coding. Over 70% of attendees with no prior experience continue programming after.

We're looking for judges and mentors to help students have a great and successful weekend.

If you're interested, register at www.codeday.org/volunteer, or reply to this email with your desired position.

(Insert date and location of your sponsored event.)

Low Commitment: Judging

CodeDay judges get to talk to student teams 1-1 and try their apps and games, watch student presentations, and then present several awards based on creativity, effort, and polish. It's a low-pressure way to meet students in the community.

Time: Sunday of the event, from 9 am through noon.
Requirements: None
Training: We send judges a one-page guide the week before the event and brief them when they arrive. No additional training is needed.

Medium Commitment: Mentoring

Mentors help students create apps and games. They patrol an assigned section of the event, looking for students experiencing problems. Students need help with higher-level problems -- more "how should I approach this problem" and less "how do I use this particular technology."

Time: Saturday of the event; two-hour shifts starting at 2 pm.
Requirements: Technical, design, or product management job role or background.
Training: We request that first-time mentors join a one-hour training call in the two weeks before the event.

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