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Do students get a choice in what project they work on?

Students have the chance to express their preferences for projects as part of our matching process. Here's how that works:
  1. During the application, students provide information about their interests and career goals.
  2. After all acceptances are sent out, we use student preferences to generate a list of ~20 recommendations for projects for each student.
  3. Students rank these recommendations by order of preference.
  4. We use a matching algorithm to generate final project assignments. (In the past, about 90% of students got one of their top three choices.)
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When will applications open for CodeDay Labs?

We only run CodeDay Labs in the summer. Applications for each summer session will not open until January-February, and will be due at the beginning of June.
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What's the difference between the intermediate and advanced tracks?

Students in the advanced track have more experience building projects outside of classwork, and more technical knowledge. We expect these students to be better able to have a conversation about the relative benefits of technical choices and to debug their own problems without guidance. These students tend to be close to graduation (although they don't need to be).
Students in the intermediate track require more guidance when making technical or architecture choices, and need more help with debugging new problems. They tend to be college sophomores or juniors.
Both tracks have the same mentors, however we assign projects with a more clear-cut structure, and more online resources, to the intermediate track.
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