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Why do I have emoji next to my name?

The emoji displayed next to your name in Discord are badges, which can be earned for many things! Here are a few examples of badges you can earn:
  • 🎶 Music - Post music you created in the #show-your-work channel
  • Help Desk - Ask or answer a question in the #help-desk channel
  • 🥇Activity Winner - Win a gaming tournament or competition.
There are dozens of badges you can earn. To see a full list, type ~badge list in the Discord.
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Why can't I access volunteer-related tools?

For security reasons, some internal websites and applications require that you're signed in with a CodeDay account with the "Volunteer" and/or "Senior Volunteer" roles. To gain these roles, you'll need to click a link or enter a code provided to you by your CodeDay contact.
Additionally, some tools which allow access to personally identifying information are only provided on an as-needed basis, and may require additional roles or access to our corporate VPN. Volunteers who need access to this information should ask their CodeDay contact. Be aware this will require signing an non-disclosure and security agreement.
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