Do you provide travel reimbursements to CodeDay?

Last updated Mar 27, 2020, 3:03 PM
Applies to CodeDayStudents
We don't offer travel reimbursements in the sense of many traditional hackathons.

For Invited Schools

We may offer free transportation to certain schools which serve a predominently low-income or underrepresented demographic. If that applies to you, please contact us.

For Students Whose CodeDay Was Canceled

If you were registered for a CodeDay which is later canceled, we will reimburse a carpool of at least three students to a CodeDay within a 2-hour driving distance.

For Organizers

Organizers and event leads, with prior approval from the appropriate manager, can receive reimbursements for travel in accordance with the SRND reimbursement and travel policy.
(Reimbursements for automobile transportation are at the IRS-set nonprofit rate.)