How much CS knowledge do CodeDay Labs students have?

Last updated Feb 15, 2021, 12:19 AM
Applies to CodeDay LabsVolunteers
For the advanced track: These students are close to being ready to graduate and pursue an entry-level position. To get into the track, students must show:
  • Technical knowledge of:
    • Algorithms
    • Data Structures: Trees, lists, dicts, hashes, sets
    • Simple use of APIs and SDKs
    • Integrating systems
  • Have built complex projects oustide of classwork. (e.g. Hackathon projects.)
  • Have the ability to ask good questions to Google and to other people. Can read an error message and start researching the cause without direct guidance.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply skills they learned in school with minimal guidance.
  • Have the ability to work collaboratively through tools like Git and Trello.
For the intermediate track: Similar to the advanced track, but with relaxed requirements for the complexity of projects they've built outside of class and debugging skills.
(For industry mentors: don't worry about whether your project is better suited for the intermediate or advanced track. We'll assign it to a track based primarily on the amount of resources available for students to solve their own problems online.)
For the beginner track: Students have AP CS level experience, either from the class or other means (CodeDay, online courses) -- they're able to write functions, loops, classes, etc. They won't have much experience with architecting a project or debugging their own errors.
(Industry mentors are not assigend to beginner track teams.)

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