What kind of things can be made at CodeDay?

Last updated Mar 11, 2022, 6:38 PM
Applies to CodeDayStudents, Parents
You can make anything at CodeDay! Anything at all! The only limit is yourself!
Well, almost. You can't create anything that violates our Code of Conduct. This is usually a little less strict than "school appropriate," but in general you can't create a project which:
  • uses offensive language referring to people's gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or disabilities.
  • uses sexualized language or imagery.
  • harasses someone.
  • is unsafe or illegal.

What do most people make?

Common projects vary from city to city, but in general, most CodeDay attendees create games, a sizable minority create mobile apps, and a small number create websites or electronics projects.
You can technically even create non-coding projects at CodeDay! We've seen people present paintings and record albums before.
(Not sure what you want to make? You'll also have the opportunity to join an existing team!)