Will my students be safe at CodeDay?

Last updated Mar 27, 2020, 3:47 PM
Applies to CodeDayParents, Schools
CodeDay is very safe. In over 400 events attended by tens of thousands of students, we haven't had a single safety problem. Here's how we do so:
  • Venues are generally locked down to ticketed attendees, except that family may attend kickoff (Saturday 11am-12:30pm) and presentations (Sunday 9am-12pm) when escorted by their student.
  • Venues are locked down by either physical security, or by staff supervising entrances to the event area. In larger venues, the event area may be restricted to a specific area of the building to provide stronger supervision.
  • Students are supervised throughout the event by trained staff.

Student Check-in/Out

  • Students are required to check-out when leaving, even temporarily.
  • Minors are not permitted to leave before the end of the event, except when accompanied by a parent or guardian, or when a parent or guardian sends the student with written permission.
  • Students who are permitted to leave the event are given a special high-security wristband which makes it easy for our staff to identify them.