Virtual CodeDay

Join thousands of students to make new friends, attend fun events, and make an amazing app or game - all in just a weekend.

For real TBH this is better than all the hackathons I've attended.

Athulya V., Student

At CodeDay, students pitch ideas for apps or games, then work in teams to create their projects over a weekend. At the end, students present to judges.

Most students register with little-to-no interest in Computer Science, but 70% of these students continue coding for months after the event, 65% register for a CS class, and 48% pursue a CS major in college.

What Resources Do Students Have at Virtual CodeDay?

  • Workshops to help them get started or discover a new passion.
  • Mentorship from industry professionals from leading companies like Uber and Microsoft.
  • A fun and supportive community with activities throughout the weekend.
  • Swag and prizes!

What Are the Outcomes from CodeDay?

CodeDay specializes in helping creative students explore the artistic aspects of computer programming. While most students who attend CodeDay tell us they didn't plan to pursue CS before attending, 70% keep coding for months after, and enroll in CS classes!

How Do I Register?

Students can register individually at, or you can fill out the form below and we can register your class.

Registration is totally free!

How Do I Promote Virtual CodeDay?

You can find posters to share Virtual CodeDay with your students at this link:

If your school is hosting in-person classes, we'll also mail you posters, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Anyone is welcome to register for Virtual CodeDay. No coding experience is required. The typical age range is middle school, high school, and university undergrads.

Virtual CodeDay is a creative event which appeals to students from all backgrounds. In addition to CS students, we particularly encourage:

  • Art students who are interested in game art or app design.
  • Music students interested in scoring games.
  • Acting students interested in voice-acting game characters.
  • Writers interested in writing plots for games.

We strongly encourage teachers from non-CS fields to promote to your students. We will help them get started.

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