A series of short, beginner-friendly cybersecurity challenges for high schools.
CodeCup was such a fun challenge... there are really fun ways to do CodeCup.
Ian , Student
CodeCup is a cyber security challenge originally designed students attending our CodeDay events, but now available to the public.
During CodeCup teams of students attempt to earn points by writing code, hacking demonstration websites, attacking and defending virtual machines. A timer and real-time leaderboard keep the excitement and pressure high, and the winning team recieves glory and prizes.
CodeCup is one of our most popular programs, with over 10,000 students and dozens of classes participating around the world.

CodeCup in the Classroom

CodeCup games can be as short as 30 minutes, or as long as a week, making it easy to fit CodeCup into a busy schedule. It's high energy, so it makes a great activity for the last day before a break, or the week after APs.
The difficulty of your question-set (and hints) can be customized for AP CSP, intro CS, AP CS, or Post-AP CS classes.

What Sorts of Problems are in CodeCup?

We have hundreds of pre-written questions, ranging from web security, reverse engineering, and threat detection, to operational security, code challenges, and even a few quick "quiz" problems.
Most questions are hands-on, and require students to work to find vulnerabilities and oversights commonly found in production code. Try finding the vulnerability in this 90s-themed, medium-difficulty question, for example. (Hint: check the source code. Do you notice any suspicious-looking URLs?)

How Can I Use CodeCup With Our Curriculum

There are two ways educators use CodeCup as part of their coding and cybersecurity lessons:
  • With existing curriculum: use CodeCup as a way to build motivation before a cybersecurity unit, or at the end of the year to help students practice what they learned.
  • Using our curriculum: run an on-going CodeCup for 1-2 weeks, with daily lessons which help students solve certain categories of problems.

Get Started

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We will tailor the challenge set to your group's experience level.
At least intro-level programming experience in any programming language is recommended.

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