Jul 21, 2022, 11:00 AM 12:00 PM PDT
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Career Talk

Don’t be irreplaceable, be invaluable!

Presented by Cristina Nistor
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Talk Description: Increase your market worth by becoming a value-driven engineer. Companies do not hire people to fill in a position; companies hire people to generate more value for their customers, so customers pay them in return. To be successful means to become obsessed with producing value, so the company has an essential return on their investment in you. In this presentation, we will look into the 5 habits of value-driven engineers and how you can develop them.

Speaker Bio: Cristina Elena Nistor is a Romanian Computer Science graduate who started her career in IT in Mexico 17 years ago. Cristina always loved to travel but as a young graduate she was broke so when she got this internship at this Mexican company, her dream came true, she could travel the other side of the world while working to finance her adventures. She became a digital nomad. All the while Cristina has been working on developing her professional career and now she is the Director of Operations at TESTCo, a company that does software testing. This role allowed her to implement a home office environment where everyone could live the life they love, either spending more time with their families or traveling around the world. Furthermore, she founded Management Talks, a management mentoring program aimed at helping first-time managers improve their management skills.