Jul 15, 2021, 11:00 AM 12:30 PM PDT
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Tech Talk

Into the Quantum World! An Introduction to Quantum Computing

Presented by Richard Dube (Sophomore at University of Conneticut working on his BS in Math and Physics)
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Talk Description: This workshop will be a 1.5 hour overview of quantum computing (no prior background knowledge expected or required). We'll walk participants through quantum concepts like superposition and entanglement, and we'll demonstrate IBM Quantum Experience for them so that they can play around with it at home if they should choose. We'll also play a Kahoot game to engage students and make it a little more interactive. Ricky will also talk a little bit about his research.

Speaker Bio: Richard is a Sophomore at the University of Connecticut working on his BS in Mathematics and Physics with the goal of earning a PhD in Particle Physics. He has conducted research in particle physics during which he analyzed data provided by GlueX in search of low-mass particles. In his free time, he enjoys politics, keeping fish tanks, cooking, and video games. He has always enjoyed being around people, and he hopes to be able to spread his passion for physics to others.