Jul 29, 2021, 1:00 PM 2:00 PM PDT
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College Applications for STEM/CS Students: Interview/AMA with a Stanford Alum [High School Students Only]

Presented by Hanjoon K.
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Talk Format:

45 minute webinar, ~25 min for an "interview" (moderated by another Empowerly employee) where she will ask Hanjoon questions related to the following four topics:

  • His application story
  • Tips for younger hs students (extracurricular planning, how to prioritize your time, finding “technical” internships, etc.)
  • Tips for rising seniors applying for college this year
  • Things to think about after college admissions

Speaker Bio: Hanjoon is a Stanford graduate who studied Computer Science and Economics. As an immigrant from South Korea, Hanjoon had a dream instilled in him early - tackle and achieve your biggest dreams, starting with the college you want to attend. During high school, he was mainly focused on studying advanced math which included attending SUMaC (Stanford University Mathematics Camp). Along with excelling in academics, he was a well rounded applicant with extensive experience as a musician (cellist), athlete (tennis and basketball) and academic competitor (science bowl and quiz bowl). After graduating from Stanford University, Hanjoon joined Empowerly so that he could build products that empower the next generation of students to effectively pursue their own biggest dreams. Outside of work, Hanjoon is an avid Chipotle consumer and self-proclaimed ramen connoisseur.