Jul 26, 2021, 9:00 AM 10:00 AM PDT
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Tech Talk

Developing audiovisual AR experience with Project North Star

Presented by Sam Bilbow (2nd Year PhD Student @ University of Sussex)
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Talk Description: This presentation aims to re-situate multisensory augmented reality as an artistic medium for the creation of interactive and expressive works by computational artists. If an AR system can be thought of as one that combines real and virtual processes, is interactive in real-time, and is registered in three dimensions; why do we witness the majority of AR applications utilising primarily visual displays of information? Addressing this question, in this work I aim to foster a playful and creative way about thinking and interacting with augmented reality in order to realise the artistic potential of these new and exciting technologies

Speaker Bio: Sam Bilbow is a UK-based creative coder and 2nd year PhD student, exploring computational art and multisensory augmented / mixed reality technologies. He completed his undergraduate in Music Technology in 2015 with First Class Honours, specialising in hardware hacking and instrument design. He then went on to complete his MA in Music and Sonic Media in 2019 with Distinction, further specialising in augmented reality and spatial audio composition / design. Sam is a recipient of The Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarship Programme at Sussex University titled “From Sensation to Perception & Awareness” for his PhD project: “Impact on human perception and expression, using augmented-reality technology as a medium for installation art.” Sams Website: https://sambilbow.com/