Jul 16, 2021, 12:00 PM 1:00 PM PDT
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Career Talk

Navigating jobs in the US as an international student

Presented by Omar Shehata (Graphics Engineer @ Snapchat)
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Talk Description: I'll be sharing my personal experience as an international student applying for and switching jobs in the US. We'll talk about how to communicate your immigration status with potential employers, how to negotiate work visa or green card sponsorship, etc. We'll have plenty of time for discussion so come with questions!

Speaker Bio: Omar is a graphics engineer at Snapchat. He has worked on geospatial & 3D mapping applications in industries such as construction, architecture, and autonomous vehicles. He started out in game development, making flash games on the web. He grew up in Alexandria, Egypt. More about Omar at https://omarshehata.me/. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/omar-shehata-77b016103/