May 25-26 中午至次日中午

在CodeDay San Diego迸發創意的火花.




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  • 兩個CodeDay的參與者們正在打招呼。 1. 來到活動現場,並結交朋友。
  • 一個CodeDay的參與者正在展示關於一個應用或遊戲想法。 2. 向其他的參與者們展示您的想法
  • CodeDay的參與者們從工作坊中學到新知識。 3. 可選:參與工作坊
  • 一個CodeDay的參與者在導師的幫助下完成了一個項目。 4. 實現它! (在專業導師的幫助下)


  • 在來之前,我需要找到自己的團隊嗎?

    不! 事實上,大多數人並不在活動之前組建他們的團隊。在活動開始時,每個人都會為他們想要構建的項目提出想法。 你可以在那時候組建你的團隊。

  • 我該帶什麼?

    帶上你的筆記本電腦和鼠標。 食物包含在您的入場券中。 如果您打算睡覺,請攜帶睡袋,枕頭和牙刷。 我們也允許攜帶台式電腦和顯示器,儘管這並不常見。

  • 可以用一首歌的方式告訴我CodeDay是什麼嗎?

    當然可以!這是我們的朋友Matt Farley編寫的一首歌:

  • 什麼年齡段的人可以參與?


  • 我們想作為一所學校參加。 我們可以用P.O.支付嗎?


  • 想知道別的信息嗎?試試提問:



Saturday, May 25

  • 11:00am Doors open Please don't show up earlier, you'll be waiting outside!
  • 11:30am Lunch All food is included with your ticket!
  • 12:00pm Kickoff & Pitches Not sure what you want to work on? Our Code Evangelists will help you get some ideas and form a team.
  • 12:30pm Start Coding! After forming teams, it's time to get to work on your project! Our Code Evangelists and other mentors will be helping teams throughout the event.
  • 12:30pm Beginner: Intro to coding Totally new to coding? No problem! Attend this workshop and our Code Evangelists will walk you through creating your first game.
  • 2:00pm Intro to Video Game Development Come join Ryan in discovering the steps to create a successful video game as he takes you through idea to launch.
  • 3:30pm Jackbox Games Come play!
  • 4:45pm Wikiracing Try to connect two unrelated pages on Wikipedia in the fewest steps!
  • 6:00pm Team Interviews
  • 6:00pm Dinner All food is included with your ticket!
  • 7:00pm CodeCup (presented by Splunk) Work with other attendees to make your city #1 worldwide!
  • 9:00pm Global Game Tournament Compete against other CodeDay participants. The top three win a Kinesis Gaming Keyboard!

Sunday, May 26

  • 12:00am Midnight Snack All food is included with your ticket!
  • 12:00am PACER Test
  • 7:00am Breakfast All food is included with your ticket!
  • 8:00am Presentation sign-up The final few hours. Teams with something to show are encouraged to sign up to present at the end.
  • 9:00am Judges arrive Judges will go around to demo the projects before the final presentations.
  • 10:00am Presentations Everyone who created something during CodeDay is asked to give a brief presentation.
  • 11:30am Awards Awards given for Top Overall, Best App, Best Game, and more.
  • 12:00pm Clean-up Thank the venue for hosting CodeDay by helping clean up!